The making of a race winning chassis

Never Follow

Founded in 1990, Italkart has earned a reputation for creativity, enthusiasm, and a staunch commitment to manufacturing nothing less than the finest and fastest kart chassis on the market, utilizing only the finest materials and components.

Our philosophies at the track have their roots in the philosophies of our business. Every system, every detail, and every decision is studied, pared down to its essence, and then implemented only once it has proven to maximize our performance as a company. Holding ourselves to a higher standard has produced countless race wins, multiple national championships, and most importantly, a worldwide base of satisfied customers.

Here at Italkart, our products are engineered by the stopwatch and designed by the race track. With two decades of design experience that has produced a wide array of groundbreaking innovations, we advance towards the future with an unwavering allegiance to our core principle: we shall always lead, and never follow.

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