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August 3, 2004

Sonoma Stars, ICA Victories and ICC Poduims


Italkart had one of most successful ICA weekends so far this year as all four team drivers finished in the top ten at the last Stars race in Sonoma, California.  Jordy Vorrath (Italkart/TM) battled early with German driver, Helmet Sanden but was able to sneak away in the remaining laps to mirror his Saturday victory and clinch his fourth straight ICA win.  Close behind was Colby Jenn (Italkart/Parilla) placing third and teammate Tyler Dueck (Italkart/Parilla) following in fourth.  Nick Uytdehaag entered his first Stars event and placed a very respectable tenth.  It was an impressive weekend for the

Italkart drivers as they occupied three of the top four spots in Sunday�s final.  Italkart driver�s now sit first, second and third in the Championship.  Vorrath has a commanding lead with 120 points, Dueck is second with 65 and Colby is third with 58. Only one Stars West event remains and the final round will be held in Chilliwack, Canada.


Dane Cameron had an impressive outing as he led both final�s each day.  Saturday looked to be a 1-2 Italkart finish as Cameron and David Jurca received the white flag in the final.  Unfortunately, Cameron misjudged his braking point and Jurca had to avoid him allowing Boswell to slide in to the lead.  By the time the lap was completed, Cameron was fourth with Alan Scutio third, Jurca second and Wesley Boswell first.

On Sunday, Jake Thompson was flying in qualifying.  He placed his Italkart Rapido in the third position along side teammate Dane Cameron.  Both had a great start in the pre-final and the top four consisted of, Ron White, Alex Speed, Dan Cameron and Jake Thompson.  The top four broke away from the field and Cameron was able to get around Speed for second as the race progressed.  Thompson also hounded Speed to the Checkered flag but was unable to get by.  In the final, Cameron had a great start and jumped in to the lead.  He lead for five laps and began swapping positions until his seat broke on lap seven forcing him to slow down and drop back to fourth.  However, he hung on to the train of Speed and Scuito as they battled for second.  In the meantime, Thompson (Italkart Rapido/TM) was taken out of the race when Boswell broke a chain and Thompson was unable to avoid him.

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