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September 2, 2004

Italkart Wins Canadian Nationals

On a soggy weekend in British Columbia, the ASN Canadian National Championships were held at the CARTBC track in Chilliwack.

During Friday ICC qualifying, Italkart drivers occupied the top three rows in the 25-kart field.  Jordy Vorrath Italkart/TM/MG shattered the track record turning 48.418 nearly 4 tenths of a second faster than his track record set two weeks ago at the Stars event.  A tenth behind was Dane Cameron Italkart/TM/Vega followed by Tyler Dueck Italkart TM/MG, James Mugge Italkart/TM/MG, Brett Blankers Italkart/TM/MG and Jake Thompson Italkart/TM/VEGA. 


The ICC main was the last race of the weekend and was a classic by any standard. Americans Seth Ingham and James Mugge were on the front row, with Canadian Don McGregor starting third.  McGregor made an impressive jump from 15th to third in the pre-final and sat behind the two American drivers who hoped to poach a win on the Canadian�s home ground.

Ingham had walked Saturday�s pre-final in the rain, yet he was soon overwhelmed in the final (which was in the dry). Mugge led early and was chased relentlessly by Italian Motors� Jake Thompson. Another American, Dane Cameron, trailed in third while Jordy Vorrath worked his way up from dead last  to join the leading trio. The stage was set for the final laps.

Thompson finally made a move and took Mugge way deep into Turn 1, and Jake made it stick. While Jake was congratulating himself, Dane had also gone by Mugge and now, two turns later, cunningly stuck it down the inside of Thompson as the Italkart pair entered Turn 3. It was a well-executed, opportunistic move from the young American.  But Jake would not be denied. He came right back and demoted Dane into second while Vorrath got past Mugge to make it an Italkart 1-2-3 at the stripe.

Pictured left to right is Jordy Vorrath, Jake Thompson and Dane Cameron.

Daniel Jenn who is the brother of Colby Jenn in is second JICA race strted from the pole in the final after winning the pre-final.  Jenn would go on to place third in the final.

In other action, Tyler Dueck sped to the pole in ICA breaking the existng track record by over 4 tenths of a second.  To say the least, it was more than impressive to see Dueck lay down such a quick time In the final Vorrath claimed the ICA title in a class which he has aleady captured the Stars of karting Western Championship.  Teammate Tyler Dueck had a chain failure while running in second and Colby Jenn came from the back of the field to place 4th after failing to finish the prefinal.

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