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November 1, 2008

2009 Italkart’s Unveiled


Italkart is proud to introduce the redesigned 2009 kart. A stellar new sticker kit and the addition of the KG Stilo Evo bodywork top the list of most eye catching changes. The red and green colors synonymous with Italkart remain unchanged but after that the 09 begins a clean slate. After months of design, adjustments and implementing intricate details the bar has been raised the 09 Italkart.

“We are very excited to introduce the new Italkart look and chassis to the North American market,” said Brian DeVries of Italian Motors USA. “We know a lot of hard work and dedication has gone into the development of the new kart and we look forward to seeing the results on the track.”

The 2009 Italkart chassis debut was made at the Stars of Karting event in New Castle, Indiana. Factory driver David Jurca went on to capture two podiums including a victory in the prestigious ICC shifter class. Not only has the look of the 2009 been improved but the chassis has undergone several key revisions that not only build on the design but on the overall performance. The front end of the kart has undergone several adjustments that improve the way the Italkart adapts and responds to the race track. Advancements have also been made to the new Italkart braking system, which incorporates an innovative design and further reliability.

The announcement of the 2009 Italkart is also accompanied with the launch of a completely revamped The website has undergone significant changes and improvements to accommodate the new chassis and detailed analysis of all the refinements. The site also includes in-depth chassis setup guides, chassis comparisons and dealer contact information.

The 2009 redesigned Italkart will be making its track debut at the biggest event of the season, the SKUSA SuperNationals on November 20-23. Those interested in the Italkart product line or possible dealers can visit: for more details.

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