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February 11, 2015

Congratulations to Australian Importer Sparta Racing and Corey Hayes

My first ever Western Cup Round win. First of all I would have to thank Shawn Hopkinson from Sparta Racing for getting me a killer engine and chassis!

That kart was hooked a/f and the engine was baller. I would also like to thank Greg Pettett and Pettett Haulage for the sponsorship of tyres for the year, I really appreciate you helping Dad and I out.

Also I would like to thank everyone who supported me over the weekend and made the weekend awesome.

I wasn't too sure what to expect going into this round, as I didn't really know what anyone else's pace was like from testing from weeks before the event.

But still Dad and I tried a nearly out of the box setup on Friday night, and it was really good, so we decided to keep that setup for the whole day on Saturday and we didn't change one thing all day and the kart stayed near perfect!

Western Cup Round Win

-Race Results-

Heat 1 - Started 16th ( out of 24), made my way up to 3rd

Heat 2 - Started 9th, made my way to 3rd again, but my steering wheel was loose and rattling around, so it caused me to be a bit cautious while cornering.

Pre Final - Started 1st ( Highest points to the front) and finished 1st

Final - Started 1st again, messed up my start a bit and dropped to second, and sat behind first for the whole race, I just didn't have enough to be able to make a safe move without ruining both of our races.

Also I would like to thank the TaG Light field for the good clean racing and Bradley Mitchell for the photos, and for spending his day out in the heat to get photos of everyone racing!

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